Hello I am The Dagron, proudest of my race
Skype: Dagron10



The Protagonist of P5

They literally fused the last two protags

(Source: velstadt)

terrorbuns asked
dashingly handsome with a dash of sugar on top

You charmer you~

Flattery will get you everywhere~

needanotherfix asked
You're actually a dagron who is a human enthusiast. A reverse furry.

A fleshie

Anonymous asked
I like pushing things around, getting scratched behind the ears, and cuddling. Also I'm actually a cat feed me.

Simba get outa my askbox

Anonymous asked
Self Aggrandising con-Man with a fascination for corvids and overall what could be describe as an intense lust or finance in all forms. Only wear black, like meat, have a mild hobby in art and agriculture. Dislikes peaches.

Corvids are rad

Let’s go to a bird sanctuary and teach all the ravens to say stupid things